Korean Beauty Forum

Koreans believed makeup and self-care not only benefited your external appearance but also your internal self, a “Look Good Feel Good” mentality. Also, Koreans believe in "preventive skincare" more than "curative skincare" and this approach shows miraculous results! Korean beauty products are thus the most trending products in Indian beauty CONTINUE READING

How K Beauty is unique?

Korean brands were the first to innovate beauty products such as BB Cream, best for travel or touch-ups: Make-up Cushions, Face Mask-sheets and Patches for different body parts. Korean beauty products generally have cute packaging. Providing high-quality natural ingredients at affordable rates, such as Jeju Volcanic clay, Green tea, Snail-mucin, CONTINUE READING

How this platform will help you?

I have created this site basically to provide you all (skin care junky) beauty enthusiasts an online discussion portal where we can learn from our shared experience of Korean Beauty products. The aim is to share and learn from each other's experiences and take advantage of the knowledge about Korean CONTINUE READING

Korean Beauty History

Ancient times: Records of the use of cosmetics in Korea date back to the time of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, and the use of makeup flourished during the Goryeo kingdom. Cosmetics were made from lotions extracted from plants, including gourd stems; Ground mung bean contains saponin and was helpful CONTINUE READING