Why I created this (Story of Monika)?

Like many, Monika was also suffering from so many skin issues from the past few years.

It all started in 2015, when she had major breakouts (mostly whiteheads) all over her cheeks, chin, forehead area. She was literally a newborn baby as far as skin care is concerned. She started using so many different products which were available in the Indians market at that point of time.

Someone suggested her to use Betnovate which is a cream which contains a medicine called betamethasone valerate. It belongs to a group of medicines called steroids that reduce swelling and irritation.

Because it is a steroid, it should not be used on your face. There were some side effects of Betnovate also. This then again worsened her face skin condition.  

She struggled with a plethora of acne products in the market. Indian market is stuffed with salicylic acid products, the only ingredient which Indian and even western brands have for acne prone skin. But actually, we need more than this.   

Then she came into this new world of care for your skin that is Korean Beauty World. They have so much to offer you. She bought so many products for her skin issues in 2017 end. They helped her a lot. But she was not able to get rid of this issue.

Having been there and done all, she decided to go to her dermatologist. He gave her medications which helped her to some extent. Later on he physically removed all her whiteheads.

She got rid off all the whiteheads after that. Overjoyed she was to feel her clear skin once again.

But her trauma wasn’t over. Again after a few months, they all came back with a bang. There were whiteheads all over her face and she was shattered and her self confidence stooped to a new level.

She felt a dullness on her face and gained weight rapidly. So finally she decided to visit her dermatologist again and inquire about the whole issue. He suggested her to get an Ultrasound and some hormonal tests done.

There was some hormonal issues, for which she consulted her gynae who further prescribed her some medication.

While researching on the net, she came across kbeauty forum wherein she found that South Korean women, on average, spend twice as much on beauty products and cosmetics than American women and South Korean men spend more on beauty products than men in any other country. I read an article by the Korean Times that went a little into the history of beauty in Korea, and its long standing importance in Korean culture. The article stated that, in the past, Koreans believed makeup and self care not only benefited your external appearance, but also your internal self. Kind of like a “Look Good Feel Good” mentality. Also, Koreans believe in “preventive skincare” more than “reactive skincare” and this approach shows miraculous results!


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